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logo1“Personal philosophy” means the focus is always on You, our customer. Our clients are professionals in their fields. Our performance will always match your business savvy and present you in the best light possible. To accomplish the top-notch results, we’ll need to understand how you work, and know your needs, at all times. It means we work with you as a team, from the beginning till the successful project’s completion.

We always look for your feedback to assure we’re staying on the optimal path to the set goal. We hate wasting money, especially yours.

Covered markets

  • Marketing

    Today all markets have very high inner mobility and this means that a company that tries to achieve success in its business can’t stand still.

        • Statement of your goals


        • Market research


        • Investigation and identification of your target group of exposure (impact)


        • Market analysis, target audience and marketing situation


        • Branding: strategy development for brand promotion on the market, brand positioning, determination of competitive advantages


        • Consumer behavior research: purchase motives, product and service selection criteria


        • Competitive environment research: evaluation of competitors’ products and services perception by consumers, research of competitive brands, their strong and weak sides, and competitive advantages.


        • Budget distribution amongst media categories and other advertising sources


        • Competitors’ advertisement monitoring

  • Advertising Campaign

    Promotional mix, the purpose of which is to get the advertising message to a consumer or a customer, is called an advertising campaign.

    Volume and content of an advertising campaign, as well as mass media sources used during the campaign at the first instance, depend on the object (i.e. merchandise / service or brand) that a company intends to inform people about.

    Any advertising campaign preparation is perhaps the most critical stage of work. At this moment target audience and basic aspects of future advertising messages are defined.

    The main and the primary point of any advertising campaign is the budget that determines quantity and type of advertising messages necessary for holding advertising campaign. For example, TV commercial production costs can consume the budget. However, the cost of placing of your commercial on TV should be taken into account as well.

    There is a concept at the root of every advertising program. In general this concept is a mediating link for any advertising campaign. It is this concept that unites video-, audio- commercials, out-of-home advertising, and public relations actions into one purpose-oriented advertising campaign. It is this concept that differentiates a well-done advertising campaign from a one-time campaign.

  • Public Relations

    Our professional journalists know that all PR campaigns are a two-way communication; their effectiveness depends on how thoroughly the audience is analyzed and how well the event is prepared.

    • Formulation of the goals and objectives of PR campaigns
    • Identification of the target audience
    • Development, change and improvement of a company’s business image
    • PR strategy development
    • Preparation and publication of articles about a company and its projects, giving a positive evaluation of its activity
    • Preparation of TV and radio reports as well as their placement on various TV and radio stations
    • Mass media work arrangement
    • Press conferences and briefings
    • Press release preparation about a company’s activity and publishing them in the mass media
    • Producing special events: presentations, quizzes, contests, food tastings, seminars, conferences, etc.
    • Organization of sponsored and charitable events

  • Online Marketing

    Being online today is the way of life, and your company needs to be there too to fit in.
    With the Internet becoming the first and often the primary source of information, businesses must have an online presence to be able to succeed and stay competitive. Multichoice Marketing understands how important it is for a company to be easily accessible for their customers and we are proud to have a dedicated team of professionals who knows how to help your company succeed online.

    We offer multiple options for Internet marketing using every tool available on World Wide Web. With the assistance of our team, your company will get more online exposure at a minimal cost. We offer services at reasonable rates with great results. We can help your company choose best options for reaching your business goals.

    Our online marketing menu includes:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Local Listing
    • Classified Advertising
    • SEO Copywriting
    • Pay-Per-Click
    • Display Advertising
    • Email Marketing
    • Blogs

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is a Necessity

    If you want to reach your customers you need to make sure they receive your advertising and promotions in their inbox. Pretty much everyone relies on email these days, and if your email marketing is effective your clients will like getting messages from you! Multichoice Marketing understands the importance of marketing your business via email and we can show you how e-mail can be an effective way to reach your current customers and engage the new ones.

    How do I get my customers’ email addresses?

    That’s where Multichoice Marketing steps in. We have a proven track record of getting great results for our clients through e-mail marketing. We have unique techniques that we use to acquire lists of potential customers that would be interested in receiving emails from companies like yours. These potential clients have voluntarily signed up to receive emails from companies offering your products or services so your promotions will be welcomed into their email boxes. With a client being able to just open their email and simply click on your link, your business will be guaranteed a quick and easy transaction for both you and your customer.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing – is your strategy strong?

    You want to generate more business and you want to know how to reach your potential customers fast. Most consumers today never leave home without their mobile devices to communicate and to get information instantly. So, if you want to reach out for your customers fast, you need to do so via their mobile gadgets. Any marketing plan of today must include a mobile component.  Otherwise, your company will be missing out on a large segment of consumers. Mobile marketing today determines if your business succeeds or sinks.  Multichoice Marketing offers mobile marketing solutions that will help your business get in front of the people that matter the most – your customers.
    How does Mobile Marketing work?
    Mobile marketing is very effective as your message literally reaches your customers right away. You can send coupons and promotions via Push Notification, Pull Notification, SMS messages that can be retained and redeemed at a rate much higher than traditional print coupons. Recipients have an option to sign up for your messaging or opt out, which gives them freedom of choice. When consumers actually look forward to getting advertising from you, the conversion rate goes up with every messaging blast that you send out. Mobile marketing is a quick way to promote your company’s products and services and is one of the fastest growing inventions in the marketing industry.

  • Custom Apps Development

    As you may know already, one of the hottest trends today is mobile applications. Just about every owner of iPhone, iPad, or an Android-operated device uses mobile apps at some point throughout the day. Whether it is to check your email, browse your Facebook page, check the weather forecast or upcoming events in your city, play a game, or use GPS navigation to get from one place to another – mobile apps are now a solid part of our daily lives.

    Many businesses also use mobile applications to stay connected to their customers while allowing consumers to access their products and services, and even make purchases in a matter of seconds. But with the abundance of different custom mobile applications designed for all kinds of uses sometimes you need a professional to help you select what apps your business will benefit the most from. Multichoice Marketing is an experienced leader in the creation of customized mobile applications. We can use our knowledge and experience to create an app that is the perfect fit for your business needs. Below are some various types of customized apps that we can design just for you.

  • Mobile Apps For Business

    Mobile Apps – You Just Gotta Have One!

    If you are a smart phone user, you most likely have one or more applications that help you on a daily basis. You may use an app that connects to your email or an app for your messaging. Or you are an avid gamer and have an app just for games. With mobile devices becoming more sophisticated, they are designed to handle applications for just about anything. A majority of large companies now have mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The apps allow their current and potential customers to access their products and services at any time, and most of these apps are free because these businesses know that giving people a chance to become familiar with their products will help them develop brand loyalty in the long run. If you are looking for ways to diversify your mobile marketing and take your company to the next level, you cannot make do without a mobile application. And Multichoice Marketing is here to design one for you.

  • Social Media

    Majority of your clients most likely have a social networking profile, such as a Facebook or Twitter account. Today, people use these popular online communities as a place to keep in touch with friends and family as well as to network with others who have similar interests. Companies have recognized this trend as additional avenues for putting their products and services in front of their potential customers. Social networking profiles allow customers to interact with businesses while also getting more acquainted with what they offer. Multichoice Marketing can assist you in developing an effective presence on the social scene.
    All you need to do is let us know about your vision and expectations, and Multichoice Marketing will place your business on all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Flickr.

    To make the most of your company’s social media experience, Multichoice Marketing also provides the options below

    • Strategy
    • Platforms
    • Viral Video
    • RSS (Rich Site Summary)
    • Blogging
    • Podcasting

    Our Social Media package can be customized based on your needs. Just let us know where you want to be and we will get you there!

  • Website Development

    What good can a website do to you as business owner if it is poorly designed? People who consider trusting you with their business will likely turn to your competitor if they think you can’t even put together a decent website for them to navigate. Please do not let a bad web-site ruin your otherwise great business! You can avoid this issue if you trust Multichoice Marketing and its creative team to put you on the Internet by creating a great website for your company. In today’s world it is more likely that more of your clients will see your website than the physical location of your business. Therefore, make sure your web presence is an extraordinary one.


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Brand puzzleImportance of corporate style is very difficult to overestimate. Very often the factor of the company’s image is overlooked.

Corporate style is the company image. It is the way your partners and clients will see you. Corporate style is more important than prestige. Designing your advertising product, documents, office space – everything related to your company, all in one uniform style, demonstrates your attitude toward your business.

Uniform style is a guarantee that you will achieve prominence among similar companies and will be remembered.

This applies to:

      • Corporate logo
      • Corporate style
      • Development of a uniform design style, color combinations and images for any forms of advertising:
      • Printing: business cards, booklets, envelopes, business papers, technical and other kinds of documentation
      • Radio
      • TV
      • Outdoor
      • Internet
      • Office design
      • Corporate uniforms
Media and journalism tags cloudIt’s necessary to attract the audience’s attention. That’s why it’s necessary to come up with a creative idea, which will make an advertising module noticeable. After that it’s necessary to satisfy reader’s curiosity, and this means that the form should agree with the content. By advertising in the press we understand the coordination of roles, including media planning, design development and writing advertising text.

Media plan preparation

Preparation of advertising design in any format for newspapers and magazines, which will make your advertising stand out among others and will make your advertising noticeable.

Writing of original text for advertising materials (copyright)

Ad placement. The price for placing your ad will be the same as though you were dealing with printed editions directly. We save money on discounts given to us by mass media sources.

Ad placement efficiency analysis depending on the edition chosen (monitoring)

Businessman sharing his photo and video files using laptopTelevision is the most expensive and, at the same time, the most advantageous way to get an advertising message across to the audience. Combination of image and sound doesn’t have equivalents by its impact. Television has the largest coverage area. And the most important factor to consider is the diverse variety of television programs, which divides the audience by a variety of characteristics, which in turn allows the determination of the right time slot for your advertisement to be seen by your client. This is precisely why there is such an intense competition for audiences’ attention on TV channels daily.

Your company’s advertising message will be certainly remembered because we can make a memorable event even out of 30 seconds of broadcast time.

      • Video commercial production
      • Presentation films
      • Advertising informative reports for TV
      • Video commercials on the internet
      • Computer graphics and animation
      • Placement of commercials, presentation films and reports on TV
SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex of techniques used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by achieving a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search-engine (like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others). For example, if your company sells sports gear, Multichoice Marketing will use SEO to make sure that your website appears at the top of search results when someone makes a Google or any other search and types in “sports gear sale” or “sports gear online”, or similar combinations. Other companies offer SEO services, however, their clients’ websites are still not visible on the web. If you choose our SEO optimization we can guarantee that you web-site will attract a lot of traffic.

We believe that our SEO support can help you, because we have a proven track record of successful optimization and all our websites get results. And for you it’s really simple. We understand that every business-owner’s goal is to increase profitability at a lowest cost. We offer you experience and a solid dedicated team, and our goal is to make sure that all your websites are easily found and visited.

mouse click to orderPay-Per-Click advertising offers you an opportunity to decide on the ways how customers can find you. Instead of competing for cyber space in search results for “car dealership”, for example, you can have your potential clients see you every time they do a search for a “new and used car dealership” in your area. Not only PPC makes use of your keywords but your business will also be marketed in a specific geographic area to ensure that potential customers in your target area see your Marketing. This means that you can choose between keeping a virtual presence in a specific geographic area if your business comes primarily from this area and advertising globally by bidding on keywords that will get the most exposure for you.

Are you interested in increasing your web presence? If you are, Pay Per Click advertising may be the way to go. Multichoice Marketing can prepare a plan for you that will get you noticed on the web in no time, whatever your business goals are. Once you decide to take the first step, Multichoice Marketing will be here for you to make PPC advertising a reality for your company!

Targeted marketing people group on targetUse Online Display Advertising to Become Noticed!

Properly executed online display advertising is a very effective way to generate heavy interest in the products or services your company offers. Visual communication is one of the most effective ways to attract your potential customer because most people react first to visual stimulation. Multichoice Marketing can offer some great techniques to make your business look good to the world!

How Does Multichoice Marketing help you with this?

Multichoice Marketing works closely with each client to develop the best strategy based on customer’s particular needs and goals.  We begin with a thorough analysis of your target audience, and then select web-sites that you want to be seen by these consumers. Online display advertising is a highly effective method of getting your products and services noticed, especially when mixed with other advertising strategies.

Blogger with Bullhorn and AudienceBlogs – The New Way of Reaching Customers

With new technologies moving in fast in our daily life, companies also need to always look for new ways to reach for their customers. Today, businesses are aware of the importance of making it possible for their clients to interact with them. And one of the best ways of doing this is via the use of blogs. You most likely have heard of blogs before but you may not know enough to use them in a way that will benefit your business and your customers. Multichoice Marketing can show you how to use blogs efficiently and explain to you as business owner why your business should be part of one of the most influential trends in online marketing.

What is a Blog?

A Blog is a web – journal that is posted on a regular basis, displayed in reverse chronological order and allows readers to view content posted by the blogger (marketer) and type in their responses in the form of a comment or a message that other readers can see and respond to as well. Initially blogs were created primarily as means for socializing and expressing one’s thoughts and opinions, but some of these social blogs have eventually turned into multimillion dollar enterprises. Companies noticed the benefits of blogging and realized that blogs could also be as effective for marketing products and services as they are for sharing ideas and opinions. And thus, another major trend in internet marketing was born.

2 c2VwMTIuanBnLanding Pages – They are Needed for Great Marketing

If you already have a website and  plan to make marketing online a serious component of your overall marketing strategy, you will need an effective landing page. Why is this important? Your landing page can make all the difference when you potential customer decides to either purchase a product he needs from you right away, or look for other alternatives. Creating a good landing page requires work and a thorough analysis. If this is an area that you are not familiar with, Multichoice Marketing is here to share its expertise with you.

What will a good Landing Page do for me?

A great landing page makes customers want to do business with a company just from the appeal of the initial visit at your website. It is important to know what exactly your customers want to see and where this information should be placed, and for this you also need to know who your customer is. Multichoice Marketing can analyze your business and help you identify your target audience, what they look for when they visit your company’s web-site, and use this information to develop a quality landing page that will result in conversions. It’s just like going into the ordinary shopping mall – retailers with the more appealing storefront and vibrant atmosphere will get more customers in the door and sell more than the plain looking storefront with no personality or visitors. If your landing page conversion rate goes just from 5% to 10% in a short time, you have doubled the number of customers that are buying from you at first glance. Imagine how much extra revenue your will generate in the long run!

  • The complex work was performed at a high level from naming and corporate style to PR and media planning
    Pharma Life
    Pharma Life
  • Finding a contractor for conducting market research and marketing is very crucial. We are glad to have made a right decision by choosing Multichoice Marketing for this job
    Water Craft Mix
    Water Craft Mix
  • We were given the task to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign across the entire United States. Multichoice Marketing performed at the highest level.  As a result, sales for the year increased by 120%
    Medix Group_Eng
    Medix Group
  • Our entire staff expresses gratitude to the creative team of Multichoice Marketing for its innovative approach and original ideas
    Real Appraisal_Eng
    Real Appraisal
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