Advertisement in newspapers and magazines
Multichoice Marketing has established, and worked in close contact with highly regarded publications.
This makes media planning maximally efficient, thereby eliminating excessive investment in advertising.
Secondly, this allows us to offer considerable discounts to our clients when they place their advertisement.
However the correct choice of a publication is apparently not enough.
It’s necessary to attract the audience’s attention. That’s why it’s necessary to come up with a creative idea, which will make an advertising module noticeable. After that it’s necessary to satisfy reader’s curiosity, and this means that the form should agree with the content. By advertising in the press we understand the coordination of roles, including media planning, design development and writing advertising text.

  • Media plan preparation
  • Preparation of advertising design in any format for newspapers and magazines, which will make your advertising stand out among others and will make your advertising noticeable.
  • Writing of original text for advertising materials (copyright)
  • Ad placement. The price for placing your ad will be the same as though you were dealing with printed editions directly. We save money on discounts given to us by mass media sources.
  • Ad placement efficiency analysis depending on the edition chosen (monitoring)