Advertisement on radio
Radio is an ideal medium for carrying out everyday promotional programs because of the frequency of repetitions and the moderate cost. Radio coverage area is smaller than TV, but it pays to advertise on radio due to its constant presence in our lives: very often radio is tuned into at times that watching TV would be impossible – while driving a car, at a coffee shop, at the office, in the grocery store, etc.
Absence of the ability to utilize images doesn’t stand in the way of creating of interesting advertising. In fact, sometimes it prompts such non-standard, creative solutions in material presentation that would not be possible in video projects.
Bright ideas, quality of performance, and prudent choice of radio station and airtime together, with a sharp rotation, can become powerful tools for any advertising campaign.
Multichoice Marketing carries out radio ad production and placement on the best English-speaking and Russian-speaking radio stations in America.

  • Radio commercial and program production
  • Preparation of jingle tracks
  • Program sponsorship
  • Radio ad placement