Advertising campaign
Promotional mix, the purpose of which is to get the advertising message to a consumer or a customer, is called an advertising campaign.
Volume and content of an advertising campaign, as well as mass media sources used during the campaign at the first instance, depend on the object (i.e. merchandise / service or brand) that a company intends to inform people about.
Any advertising campaign preparation is perhaps the most critical stage of work. At this moment target audience and basic aspects of future advertising messages are defined.
The main and the primary point of any advertising campaign is the budget that determines quantity and type of advertising messages necessary for holding advertising campaign. For example, TV commercial production costs can consume the budget. However, the cost of placing of your commercial on TV should be taken into account as well.
There is a concept at the root of every advertising program. In general this concept is a mediating link for any advertising campaign. It is this concept that unites video-, audio- commercials, out-of-home advertising, and public relations actions into one purpose-oriented advertising campaign. It is this concept that differentiates a well-done advertising campaign from a one-time campaign.
Media planning is a cornerstone of the expeditiousness of carrying out advertising campaign. Even a wonderful quality product or a bright idea won’t produce the desired effect if placement (i.e. place and time of advertisement) was calculated incorrectly. Each advertising message has its target recipient. It means that each advertising message should reach its recipient: this is the task of media planning.
Advertising is a product that sells a product. It turns out that advertising needs to be created first, and then presented in a smart way.