Knowledge of the customer audience, you’re targeting, assures success of the advertising campaign.

Investing in the market and customer research allows a better planning of your strategy, as well as forecasting market fluctuations with great accuracy.

Marketing and branding are closely intertwined. Whereas marketing promotes the company’s goods or services, branding deals with the integrity and unique image of the business.

Branding is the company’s asset that needs continuous investing. Is this a paradox? Not at all. The combination of name (brand) and status forms perspective. It turns out that constantly working at company’s image is everyday labor that brings daily profits.

Today all markets have very high inner mobility and this means that a company that tries to achieve success in its business can’t stand still.

  • Statement of your goals
  • Market research
  • Investigation and identification of your target group of exposure (impact)
  • Market analysis, target audience and marketing situation
  • Branding: strategy development for brand promotion on the market, brand positioning, determination of competitive advantages
  • Consumer behavior research: purchase motives, product and service selection criteria
  • Competitive environment research: evaluation of competitors’ products and services perception by consumers, research of competitive brands, their strong and weak sides, and competitive advantages.
  • Budget distribution amongst media categories and other advertising sources
  • Competitors’ advertisement monitoring