Social Media Platforms – Plenty of Options

So, you made a decision to enter the social media marketing arena but you are not sure where to start. Let Multichoice Marketing get you into the networks  below and make your business be a part communities that can bring you new clients and brand recognition.


Facebook is actually an intricate combination of hundreds of separate networks organized by such categories as schools, geographic areas, religious believes, etc. However, most people choose their “friends” through people they already know, or friends of actual friends. It is not that complicated, really. Facebook began as online community focused primarily on college students. Later on it opened up to the general public and thus, its monumental growth began. Facebook users can upload pictures, comments, photos, blogs, and other media through their profile. It also has great options for customizing privacy settings based on your preferences.


Twitter is a free online service that combines social networking and texting by permitting users to post messages that are limited to 140 characters or less. These messages are known as “tweets.” Twitter’s service works well both with mobile devices and personal computers. Twitter users also have a personal account page that can be viewed on the Internet, and access to your tweets can also be restricted based on privacy preferences.


YouTube is the most popular online video sharing website among people of all ages and all over world. People and businesses use YouTube to view and share videos that span to just about any subject you can think of. YouTube is accessible via mobile devices and personal computers, and users can create personal accounts that they can use as channels to publish their video content.


LinkedIn is a professional network that boasts over 120 million members today and continues growing very fast. The site connects users to contacts and is a great portal for professionals who want to share ideas on business, jobs, and other related information.


Initially started as an image and video hosting website, Flickr has grown into a community that now offers other services as well. Bloggers use this site to host images for their blogs while ordinary people can use it in the same fashion. Businesses also use Flickr to store images for customers to see.


Google+ is an innovative social networking website created by the famed search giant. While it operates similarly to Facebook, it also provides options for users to create “circles” where they circulate certain information without having to worry about it being disclosed to people that it may not necessarily be meant for. While it works off networks just as Facebook does, it also allows photo sharing and posting comments, as well as offering other groups.