Public Relations
Public Relations, or “PR” service, is not only one of the key advertising action tools. It’s the only lively way of information delivery. It’s not about selling a product or offering a service, it’s about an appeal to involvement. Consumers appreciate this attitude.
Each event, whether it is a festival, a seminar, a conference or a presentation, is always connected with the mass media.
Our professional journalists know that all PR campaigns are a two-way communication; their effectiveness depends on how thoroughly the audience is analyzed and how well the event is prepared.

  • Formulation of the goals and objectives of PR campaigns
  • Identification of the target audience
  • Development, change and improvement of a company’s business image
  • PR strategy development
  • Preparation and publication of articles about a company and its projects, giving a positive evaluation of its activity
  • Preparation of TV and radio reports as well as their placement on various TV and radio stations
  • Mass media work arrangement
  • Press conferences and briefings
  • Press release preparation about a company’s activity and publishing them in the mass media
  • Producing special events: presentations, quizzes, contests, food tastings, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Organization of sponsored and charitable events