Multichoice Marketing’s technical base helps in production of video products of any level of complexity and of any genre. The capability of modern computer technology ensures maximum intensity in the taping sequence.
Television is the most expensive and, at the same time, the most advantageous way to get an advertising message across to the audience. Combination of image and sound doesn’t have equivalents by its impact. Television has the largest coverage area. And the most important factor to consider is the diverse variety of television programs, which divides the audience by a variety of characteristics, which in turn allows the determination of the right time slot for your advertisement to be seen by your client. This is precisely why there is such an intense competition for audiences’ attention on TV channels daily.
Your company’s advertising message will be certainly remembered because we can make a memorable event even out of 30 seconds of broadcast time.

  • Video commercial production
  • Presentation films
  • Advertising informative reports for TV
  • Video commercials on the internet
  • Computer graphics and animation
  • Placement of commercials, presentation films and reports on TV