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Multichoice Marketing was launched in 2004. What we have achieved since then: Multichoice Marketing has established close contacts with a number of highly- rated mass media, which puts us at an advantage of being able to provide significant discounts to our clients when placing advertising products.
We offer a complete line of marketing services, with the customer’s freedom to select and determine the appropriate direction of the advertising campaign right from the start.


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“Personal philosophy” means the focus is always on You, our customer. Our clients are professionals in their fields. Our performance will always match your business savvy and present you in the best light possible. To accomplish the top-notch results, we’ll need to understand how you work, and know your needs, at all times. It means we work with you as a team, from the beginning till the successful project’s completion.
We always look for your feedback to assure we’re staying on the optimal path to the set goal. We hate wasting money, especially yours.



All types of marketing


There is a concept at the root of every advertising program. In general this concept is a mediating link for any advertising campaign. It is this concept that unites video-, audio- commercials, out-of-home advertising, and public relations actions into one purpose-oriented advertising campaign. It is this concept that differentiates a well-done advertising campaign from a one-time campaign.


We offer multiple options for Internet marketing using every tool available on World Wide Web. With the assistance of our team, your company will get more online exposure at a minimal cost. We offer services at reasonable rates with great results. We can help your company choose best options for reaching your business goals.


What good can a website do to you as business owner if it is poorly designed? People who consider trusting you with their business will likely turn to your competitor if they think you can’t even put together a decent website for them to navigate. Please do not let a bad web-site ruin your otherwise great business!


So you have presence on the Internet, and either you or someone you know surely has a Facebook profile, Twitter account, or video uploaded to YouTube. Social networks are a booming trend in today’s society, and businesses understand that they also have to be a part of it to be successful and competitive.


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Any website for your business - from promotional pages and business card sites to online stores and corporate portals

No modern business can survive without an online presence in one form or another. As a rule, the basis of such presence is a website introducing services and/or products of the company. Blogs, accounts in social networks, and online advertising campaigns are further created to augment company‘s web presence.
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